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    Synthesizers -

  • Moog
    - The official Web Site of Robert Moog (the man who pretty much invented the synthesizer - along with Donald Buchla).

  • Synthmuseun
    - If you want to learn about old synthesizers, this is the place. These people have done an incredible amount of work.

  • Synthzone
    - excellent Web Site for finding out all kinds of information on samplers and synthesizers.

    Some major manufacturers and pioneers of the synthesizer (if you don't know who these companies are I suggest you check out synthmuseum.com):

  • Alesis
    - The official Web Site of the Alesis corporation.

  • Roland
    - The best Web Site we could find for getting info on Roland products.

  • Tascam
    - The official Web Site of the Tascam corporation.

  • Mackie
    - The official Web Site of the Mackie corporation.

  • Yamaha
    - The official Web Site of the Yamaha corporation.

  • Ensoniq
    - The official Web Site of the Ensoniq corporation.

  • Korg
    - The official Web Site of the Korg corporation.

  • Akai
    - Akai. Pioneers in sampling and digital audio.

    Computer Music Software and Hardware companies -

  • Digidesign
    - Digidesign, makers of Pro Tools, the company that first saw the Macintosh as the heart of a Digital Audio Workstation - Still the industry standard in Digital Audio

  • Digidesign Forum
    - Digidesign's User Group Forum - E-mails to and from Pro Tools tech support.

  • Mark of the Unicorn
    - Mark of the Unicorn, pioneers in MIDI sequencing, ("Performer") and lately creators of the MOTU 2408, a device that is transforming digital audio.

  • Unicornation
    - Mark Of The Unicorn user's group web page.

  • Opcode
    - Opcode. Pioneers in Patch Librarians and MIDI interfaces; they went on into every other area of computer music. They are the developers of OMS (Open Music System), a quantum leap in orchestrating software and hardware in computer studios.

  • Steinberg
    - Steinberg. Creators of Cuebase and Cuebase VST. A company seemingly devoted to doing an entire recording studio in computer software. The new faster machines and hard drives and the enormous increases in RAM capacity are making this a reality.

  • E-Magic
    - The other major company devoted to getting it all into RAM. Their program, "Logic" (extremely successful) allows for a user definable environment.

  • E-Magic User's Group
    - E-Magic/Logic user's group web page.

    Gear and Information in General -

  • Synth Site
    - Synth Site - lots of info on synth equipment, etc.

  • Hitsquad
    - Hitsquad - Information and Software, etc.

  • Harmony Central
    - Harmony Central - lots of info on synth and recording equipment, etc.

  • Computers and Music.com
    - Computers and Music.com - lots of info and purchases on everything that has to do with synths, MIDI, recording equipment, etc.

  • Eight Street Music
    - 8th Street Music - an incredible online store for musical instruments with info and prices.

  • Sweetwater
    - Sweetwater Music - an amazing array of musical instruments with info, prices and online store.

  • Sonic State
    - An excellent site for getting information, reviews and links on computer music equipment, etc.

  • Analogue Japan
    - Deals on equipment from Japan.

  • MidiMan
    - MidiMan - Some interesting, low priced computer music products.

  • Bitheadz
    - Bitheadz - Synth products that reside completely in RAM (No hardware required, except for a computer.)

  • Propellerheads
    - Propellerheads - Another company with some great RAM synths.

  • Cycling 74
    - Cycling 74 - Creaters of "Pluggo" - An amazing company with some radical (and inexpensive ideas about digital signal processing for the Mac. They have a great web site too.

  • Gadget Labs
    - Gadget Labs - Some excellent, inexpensive digital I/O gear for both the PC and the Mac.

  • Recycler
    - The Online Recycler. Always a great place to look for used Computer, Synth, any kind of equipment, (apartments, cars, anything!).

  • Video Central
    - Video Central. Post Production equipment.

  • Avid
    - Avid. The industry standard in video and film editing/post production. The parent company of Digidesign.

  • Digibid
    - Digibid. An online auction for computer music, recording studio and musical gear in general.

    Magazines -

  • Keyboard
    - Keyboard Magazine

  • CMJ
    - Computer Music Journal

  • EMM
    - Electronic Musician Magazine

  • SOS
    - Sound On Sound - An English magazine devoted to computer music.

  • LMOM
    - Lentine's Music Online Magazine's. A huge selection of articles on Computer Music, etc.

  • Mix
    - Mix Magazine Online. Devoted to studio production techniques, etc.

    Schools, Digital Audio and Midi Info -

  • Harvard
    - Web Link to the Harvard University Computer Music Center

  • Princeton
    - Web Link to the Princeton University Computer Music Center

  • CMU
    - Web Link to the Carnegie Mellon University Computer Music Project

  • ICMA
    - International Computer Music Association, maintain by Dartmouth University

  • Stanford
    - Stanford University Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA).

  • EMF
    - Electronic Music Foundation

  • Arcadis
    - Arcadis School of Music Homepage.

  • Arcadis Music & Tech
    - Arcadis School of Music webpage dedicated to Music and Technology links

  • CNM
    - Center For New Music and Audio Technologies at UC Berkeley

  • CM various
    - A list of courses in Computer Music offered by various schools

    Macintosh -

  • Apple History
    - An excellent resource for finding out specifications on any (!) Macintosh model, plus lots of interesting historical info.

  • Quicktime
    - An excellent utility from Apple to help with digital audio (some applications require it).

  • Jumbo
    - An excellent website for Mac Freeware and Shareware

  • Apple Discussion
    - Apple's discussion forum for trouble shooting. They have different sections for different models of Macintosh, etc.

  • Harmony Central
    - Harmony Central's Mac Software site

  • LAMG Home Page
    The Los Angeles Macintosh Group

  • The Used Computer Mall
    Great site for used computer gear

  • The Internet Users Group
    An Internet user's group website.

  • Mac Observer
    Excellent Mac info and more.

  • Mac Os Planet
    Mac news and shareware with personality.

  • Small Dog
    Mac product pricewatching and links to suppliers.

  • Accelerate Your Mac
    Tips, tricks, topics and stuff (a brilliant website).

  • Mac Mart
    I've had good luck buying Mac stuff here (no affiliation) - (800) 600-2708.

  • MacMall
    A huge selection of Mac gear (no affiliation) - (800) 328-2790.

  • Apple Music
    Some info on muisc software from Apple.

  • Reaktor
    Software synthesizer

    MP3 and Misc. -

  • MP3.com
    Homepage for MP3.

  • Virtual Sound Canvas
    A subsidiary of Roland that specializes in virtual synth software.

  • Syclone
    Software synthesizer

  • Terran MP3
    Terran Interactive Makers of MP3 Software and Media Cleaner Pro.

  • Xingtech
    More MP3 Software.

  • Xing
    Audio Catalyst MP3 Encoders

  • Soundjam
    Casady & Greene's website

  • mp3 shareware software
    Audiocorder is a shareware program that allows your Mac to act as an audio recorder.

  • Black Cat Systems
    shareware for PowerPC synth., sampling, etc.

  • AudioFusion TWS
    Software and digital audio for the Mac.

  • BackToBasics
    A shareware digital sample triggering program designed for the Macintosh.

  • Bias
    makers of Peak and Deck

  • T-racks
    IK Multimedia's website

  • BeOS
    Homepage of the Beos operating system, an alternative computer environment that features many digital audio and MIDI programs.

  • Linux
    Information about Linux, an alternative operating system that is gaining popularity. Supports Mac and Wintel platforms.

  • Sonorus ADAT converter cards

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