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    Some Record Label Websites -

    Columbia Records
    Columbia Records Official Website.

    Capital Records
    Capital Records Official Website.

    Atlantic Records
    Atlantic Records Official Website.

    American Recordings
    American Recordings Official Website.

    Excellent Alternative News and Soundfiles.

    Polygram Records Official Website.

    Radioactive Records
    Radioactive Records Official Website.

    Dreamworks Records
    Dreamworks Records Official Website.

    Reprise Records
    Reprise Records Official Website.

    Rhino Records
    Rhino Records Official Website.

    EMI Records
    EMI Records Official Website.

    Sony Music
    Sony Entertainment's Overall Website.

    Hollywood Records
    Hollywood Records rather Progressive Website.

    Twang This
    The Official Website of Warner Brothers Jazz.

    The Official Website of MCA Records.

    Warner Bros. Records
    Warner Brothers Records Official Website.

    Misc. -

  • Muze
    Infobase on records and musicians.

  • R & R Online
    Info on radio stations and records.

  • Billboard
    Website for Billboard Magazine, the definitive music business magazine.

  • Mojave Music
    Website for Mojave Music and The Encyclopedia of Record Producers Popular Music Database, a brilliant source of producers activities and contact data.

  • Steppin' Stones site
    A lot of info on many rock and pop bands and icons.

  • Music Resources on the Internet.
    Extensive listings in many areas.

  • 1-800 Instruments
    Guitars for sale, and a lot of useful info on guitar construction and guitar equipment.

  • Web authoring links.
    An extensive list of resources on the web for creating and listing web sites.

  • MTV Rock Gallery
    Extensive links.

    Rock n World
    A lot of good information on the Rock world in general.

    The MP3 Trend. Free Music Downloads, Audio Software, Hardware, Genres, News

    National Association of Record Manufacturers

    A Special Fan Website for Warners Music Group

    The Phantom Tollbooth
    Features, Reviews, News, Concerts, CD, Etc.

    SPW Global Services
    A lot of excellent links.

    UBL.COM - UBL.Com
    Artists' Direct Network and Band Links.

    Martin Mathis' Record Collection - Records A-I
    A lot of info on bands and record releaes.

    ICE Magazine
    An Excellent Online Magazine for Rock News.

    Touch & Go Music
    The Website of Touch and Go Music - an international publishing company affiliated with Warner/Chappell

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