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October, 1999

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    Yamaha has a new PC dedicated hard disc system out, similar to E-mu.

  • Yamaha HD System

    Korg has a 16 channel version of their D8 Digital Audio Workstation:

  • Korg D 16

    They also have a new sound card with built in DSP:

  • Korg OASYS

    It interfaces with their digital mixing board:

  • Korg DRS 168

    Digital Mixers are sprouting up like wildfire. The Roland entries:

  • Roland VM-3100

    And some new accessories for them:

  • VM Accessories

  • More VM Accessories

    As always, Yamaha is at the cutting edge of digital mixers. The most interesting one for the money (just under $2,000) is the 01V. Here's a link to their main page on mixers:

  • Yamaha Digital Mixers

    MIDI mixers are another solution. J.L. Cooper has been making MIDI mixers since before it was fashionable, and they have an amazing array of devices. The MCS-3000 Series Media Command Stations, are especially hip:

  • J.L. Cooper

    Peavey's MIDI mixer has also been out for quite a while and is really cost effective (around $400 list).

  • Peavey 1600

    Here's a company that's making some fascinating I/O cards for the PC:

  • Frontier Designs

    Keep close to your Muse! - Randy

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