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    Randy Chance

    People I Have Worked With:

    2000 New Studio built for NanoMuse Productions

    2000 Guitar tracks for James Woolley (Nine Inch Nails)

    1998-1999 Associate Producer: Premier Radio Network

    1995-1997 Independent CD Production - NanoMuse Productions, Digital Audio Consultation.

    1994-lead guitar, lead & harmony vocals- The Boxtops (live performances).

    1993-lead guitar, lead & harmony vocals - The Lovin'Spoonful (on tour and in the studio).

    1993-lead guitar & harmony vocals - P.F. Sloane (who wrote "Eve of Distruction" - [Barry McGuire], "Secret Agent Man" - [Johnny Rivers], "Let Me Be" - [the Turtles], "Where Were You When I Needed You?" - [the Grass Roots], etc.)

    1993-lead guitar on his 2nd album for Beachwood Records - Stephan Paul (who worked with Jackson Brown, David Lindley, Valerie Carter, Peter Framton).

    1992-recording lead guitar & engineering - Elliot Ingbar (who worked with John Lee Hooker, Albert Collins, Fraternity of Man).

    1991-engineering - Alex Al (who worked with Vanessa Williams).

    1990-lead guitar & engineering - Peter Rielich (who worked with Foreigner, Rick Wakeman, Seals and Crofts).

    1990-MIDI research- Dave Jerdin (who produced Jane's Addiction, Alice in Chains, engineered Mic Jagger [2 solo albums], the Rolling Stones, Talking Heads, Jeff Beck, etc.)

    1989-Studio Collaborations - Randy Burns (who produced Metallica, Megadeth, Creature, etc.)

    1987-lead guitar & song writing collaboration - James Rolliston (who worked with Van Morrison, Mark Noftler, Steely Dan, Seals and Croft, Shandi, The Cripples).

    1984-recording lead guitar & lead vocals - Don Heffington (who was in Lone Justice, worked with Bob Dylan, Emmy Lou Harris, Josie Cotton).

    Films and Television:

    No Sleep Til Madison (edited and mixed all dialogue, music and sound effects)
    Director: Eric Moe.

    Teen-age Mutant Ninja Turtles (as a session guitarist)
    Composer: John Du Prez

    PBS Child Abuse Documentary (played all the guitar tracks and engineered the soundtrack)
    Sound Cutting Edge Studios

    Ghost Writer (created digital samples)
    Sound Cutting Edge Studios

    Living On The Edge (composed several musical cues)
    Movers & Shakers Productions

    The Big Turnaround (engineered and played all the guitar tracks)
    Sound Cutting Edge Studios

    The Big One (composed several musical cues)
    Movers & Shakers Productions


    Fruit Taffy Candy Bar (composed and performed sound track)
    Wham-o Superball (composed and performed sound track)
    Sports Connection (composed and performed sound track)

    Magazine Articles Written:

    "The Valley Arts MIDI Bass Guitar Controller" - Bass Player Magazine
    "Interview with Jay Winding, Session Keyboardist" - Guitar Player Magazine, Collector's Edition
    "Interview with James Harrah, Session Guitarist" - Guitar Player Magazine, Collector's Edition
    "Computer Music Software and MIDI Controlled Mixing Boards Reviewed" - Keyboard Magazine
    "Amp Level Direct Boxes For Session Guitarists Reviewed" - EQ Magazine
    "How To Engineer A Film Score With A Macintosh Computer" - Home Recording Magazine


    Music Theory, Composition and Orchestration with William Russo (who worked with Stan Kenton, Duke Ellington, San Fransisco Sympony) Center For New Music, Chicago, Illinois.

    Music Theory and Orchestration with Herb Haslem (who worked with John Cage, Ravi Shankar) Center For New Music, Chicago, Illinois.

    Classical Guitar with David Ellis, (Master's Degree in Classical Guitar, USC, teacher) McCabe's Guitar School, Santa Monica, California.

    Rock Guitar with T.J. Helmerich, (solo recording artist and teacher) Musician's Institute, Hollywood, California.

    Jazz Guitar with Cheryl Saunders (professional performer, recording artist and teacher) McCabe's Guitar School, Santa Monica, California.

    Slide Guitar with Fran Banish, (professional performer, recording artist and teacher) McCabe's Guitar School, Santa Monica, California.

    Studio Production and Engineering with Jerry Yester (who was in the Lovin'Spoonful, the Association, produced the Association, Tim Buckley, Tom Waits, the Turtles, Aztec Two-Step, and worked with Phil Spector and Brian Wilson).

    Studio Production and Engineering with David Vaught (who was in the Association, worked with Roger McGuinn, Graham Parsons, Lone Justice, David Carradine, Bugs Tomorrow, Severed Head In A Bag).

    Electronic Music with Ramon Zupko (who was then head of the Electronic Music Laboratory) Roosevelt University, Chicago Illinois.

    Electronic Music with John Viera (who built Different Fur Recording Studios, San Fransisco, California and worked with Herbie Hancock) San Fransisco Art Institute, San Fransisco, California.

    Sound for Film with Lenny Lipton, (independent film maker and teacher) San Fransisco Art Institute, San Fransisco, California.

    Art of the Cinema with Robert Edmunds, (who was then head of the Film Department) Columbia College, Chicago, Illinois.

    Equipment Owned:


    1971 Fender Stratocaster.

    1984 Fender Stratocaster w/ EMG pickups.

    1991 Fender Stratocaster w/ EMG SV pickups.

    1992 Fender Stratocaster w/ Seymour Duncan Hot-rail pickups.

    1963 Gibson Epiphone Coronet (set up for electric slide).

    Ibanez RG 550 with added MIDI pickup.

    1991 Martin J-40MC accoustic steel string guitar, w/ "Sunrise" pick-up.

    1989 Matsuoka hand made classical guitar.

    1987 Dobro "Hound Dog" set up for acoustic slide.

    (Amplifiers, guitar rack gear and stuff):

    1963 Fender Showman Amp Head

    1975 Fender Concert Guitar Amp

    2 Fender speaker cabinets, each with 1 Electro-Voice 200 watt, 12" guitar speaker

    Marshall JMP-1 MIDI programmable sterio tube guitar preamp.

    ADA Microtube 100 watts per channel sterio power amp.

    Boss SE-50 MIDI programmable Digital Multi-Effects Processor.

    Digitech RP7 programmable Digital Multi-Effects Processor.

    Various footpedals, including Cry Baby Wah Wah, Real Tube Distortion, volume pedals, channel switchers, and MIDI control foot pedal.

    (Computers, Synths and Studio Gear):

    Alesis QS7 MIDI keyboard.

    Proteus 2000

    Alesis D4

    Korg EX 8000.

    Unity DS-1 software synth

    Retro AS-1 software synth

    Macintosh G4 (400 Megahtz, sawtooth motherboard, 320 Meg RAM)

    Macintosh G4 (350 Megahtz yikes motherboard, 128 Meg RAM)

    MOTU 1224 Digital I/O box and PCI 324 Core for digital audio.

    MOTU Microexpress USB MIDI interface.

    Roland VS-880 Workstation w/FX & CD burner.

    La Cie USB CD burner.

    Alesis Studio 32 mixing board.

    Bose 201 Playback monitors.

    Digital Performer 2.61 software.

    Logic Platinum 4.1.3 software.

    Toast 3.8 CD burning software.

    Casady & Greene Soundjam MP3 software.

    Rockron Intellifx digital effects unit.

    DBX 161 Limiter.

    Boss 21 band equalizer.

    Various microphones.