Chapter 5: The Court Cards

Kings represent that aspect of the Self that watches over
each realm, as represented Astrologically by the house of each
fixed quadriplicity, according to the element they represent.
They serve the Protector (Maojr Arcana No. 4).

Queens represent aquired intuition. They are the guardians
of the entrance to the unconscious at the border or penumbra of
each element. They dwell in the house of each mutable quadriplicty according to their element. They serve the Companion (Major Arcana No.6).

The Knights represent that part of the Self that explores
new areas of the soul's frontier, or penumbra. They are active. They are messengers and the initiators of defense when conflicts arise. They are represented by the houses of the cardinal quadriplicities, according to their element. They serve the Magus.

Geseths represent that part of the intuition that is in tune
with messages from the unknown. They are passive. They are connected with renewal of energy in their realm - Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual and Physical. They act as antennas, are consulted by all the court cards but their teacher is the Sorceress, and they dwell in the following exhaltations, according to their quadriplicity:

Wands - Pluto exhaulted in Leo.

Cups - Venus exhaulted in Pisces.

Arrows - Mercury exhaulted in Aquarius.

Mirrors - Moon exhaulted in Taurus.

It is important to understand that, even though the Knights and the Geseths may seem similar in that both types of cards are connected with entering new territory, the Knights are already expereinced explorers. The Knights indicate that one already has done a certain amount of work in a certain area, perhaps even a great deal. The Geseths indicate that something enitrely new is coming through - Knights indicate a new part of something already explored.

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