Chpt 4 States

Chapter 4: States of Being

All of life is a journey, a path. I am a process; life is a process, the universe is in the process of becoming; dying. The most accurate way to approach the Tarot is to see it as snapshots of a journey. You may ponder a card today, and see it in an entirely new light from yesterday, or a year ago, or a year from now. The Tarot is a set of tools for moving along on life's journey.

Through extensive meditation, I have arrived at labels for Major Arcana cards 11 through 21. The first numerological significance is that the number one is at the front of each of these cards, up through 19, then a two is at the front of cards twenty and twenty one. The number one is the card of the Magus, of course, and so it indicates that a certain initiation has taken place, and now the energy of the Magus accompanies experiences in realms beyond Major Arcana No. 10. A further initiation takes place further down the line, and then the energy of the Sorcerress acompanies experiences in those realms. I say "realms" because that is what my meditational journeys have shown me. Therefore, in my system, cards one through eleven are archetypal energies that manifest themselves as "characters" and cards twelve through twenty one make themselves known as "places" or "states of being".

Here is a brief account of experiences in each state of being. A further discourse will subsequently be given.

[0 - 9 should be archetypal characters, 10 should be the ashram - house of the yogi connection between god 0 and man 1 - then 0 is the addict/clown]

10 The Ashram
15 Hell
21 The Kingdom of Results
20 The Land of Ressurection
11 Vision
17 The Star
16 The Abandonned Monument
18 The Realm of the Moon
13 The Underground
12 The House of the Addict
17 The Waiting Room
19 The Realm of the Sun
14 Art

10 Wheel of Fortune
12The Hanged Man
15The Devil
16The Falling Tower
17The Star
18The Moon
19The Sun
21The World

10 The Kingdom of Results Earth
11 Vision Air
12 The Waiting Room Fire
13 The Underground Water
14 Art Fire
15 Hell Earth
16 The Abandonned Monument Air
17 Heaven. Air
18 The Realm of the Moon Water
19 The Realm of the Sun Fire
20 The Land of Ressurection Earth
21 The Ashram(house of the Yogi) Water

Major Arc. No. 11. Vision. Reversed, Same. Traditional name,
Strength. After the Gods, this is the first place we come to in
the Major Arcana. Numbers 0 thru 10 are connected with Gods, as
exemplified in Astrology by the planets, and now numbers 11 thru
21 will be connected with the places, as exemplefied by the
Astrological Signs. ether
between incarnations, during astral projections or even simply
under the influence of anasthetics. The Egyptians were very
preoccupied with the issue of morality, in fact the rise of their
empire has been discribed as synonymous with the rise of human
awareness of morality itself. They did not see the land of the
dead as some kind of horrible, foul smelling land of eternal
fire. Their spiritual value system having formed long before the
connection of Greek rationalism with the dualistic thesis of the
Christians, the Egyptians saw reward and punishment as something
far beyond the simple "you're either good or bad" routine. In
this sense the Judge is a

[minor arcana stuff below]

Each "place" is divided into three sections, comparable to the three sections of each astrological house. Therefore, the first section is all about "entering into" that place, or state of being (cardinal astrological aspect), the second section is concerned with "living in" that place or "travelling through" that place (fixed astrological aspect), the third section is connected with "leaving that place" (mutable astrological aspect).

In the four suits of the minor acana, the first card of each suit designates the beginning of energy in that realm, and so is associated with the aspect of existence that each suit;s elemental represents. The remaining nine cards are broken into three groups, and each of those into three groups.

Therefore, cards two, three and four are connected with the cardinal "place" in that suite, cards five, six and seven are connected with the fixed "place in that suite, and cards eight, nine and ten are connected with the mutable "place" in that suite.

Each place, is then broken down further into three sections: cardinal, fixed and mutable. In this way, every card is connected with a meditational ideal. Following is a breakdown of descriptions that apply to this system:

Suit 1: Mirrors

The First Mirror: The physical world.

The Second Mirror: When I entered Hell.

The Third Mirror: living in Hell.

The Fourth Mirror: Leaving Hell.

The Fifth Mirror: Entering the Kingdom of Results.

The Sixth Mirror: Living in the Kingdom of Results.

The Seventh Mirror: Leaving the Kingdom of Results.

The Eight Mirror: The Land of Resurrection.

The Ninth Mirror: Living in the land of Resurrection.

The Tenth Mirror: The Land of Resurrection.

Suit 2: Arrows

The First Arrow: The Realm of Logos.

The Second Arrow: Starting to aquire Vision.

The Third Arrow: Getting used to the Vision.

The Fourth Arrow: Accomplishing Vision.

The Fifth Arrow Entering the House of the Star.

The Sixth Arrow: Living in the House of the Star.

The Seventh Arrow: Leaving the House of the Star.

The Eight Arrow: Entering the Abandoned Monument.

The Ninth Arrow: Living in the Abandoned Monument.

The Tenth Arrow: Leaving the Abandoned Monument.

Suit 3: Cups

The First Cup: Beginning the journey through the world of Eros.

The Second Cup: Entering the Realm of the Moon.

The Third Cup: Travelling through the Realm of the Moon.

The Fourth Cup: Leaving the Realm of the Moon.

The Fifth Cup: Beginning the journey through the Underground.

The Sixth Cup: Travelling through the Underground.

The Seventh Cup: Leaving the Underground.

The Eight Cup: Moving into the House of the Addict.

The Ninth Cup: Living in the House of the Addict.

The Tenth Cup: Leaving the House of the Addict.

Suit 4: Wands

The First Wand: Entering the Spiritual Realm.

The Second Wand: Entering the Waiting Room.

The Third Wand: Living in the Waiting Room.

The Fourth Wand: Leaving the Waiting Room.

The Fifth Wand: Starting out for the Realm of the Sun.

The Sixth Wand: Travelling across the Realm of the Sun.

The Seventh Wand: Leaving the Realm of the Sun.

The Eight Wand: Beginning to Study Art.

The Ninth Wand: Studying Art.

The Tenth Wand: Becoming accomplished at Art.