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    Some Yoga Basics -

    The Three Primary Nadis (energy channels):

    1. The Ida Nadi (to the left of the spine, beginning at the base of the spine and ending in the left nostril). Tha (moon) energy - female, receptive, cool, yin. Pinkish in colour. Energy flows mostly downward.

    2. The Pingali Nadi (to the right of the spine, beginning at the base of the spine and ending in the right nostril). Ha (sun) energy - male, active, warm, yang. Bluish in colour. Energy flows mostly upward.

    3. The Sushumna Nadi (which runs up the center of the spine from the base of the spine to the Ajna Chakra in the third eye between the two brows). The passageway for the Kundalini, the serpent of spiritual energy.

    The seven primary Chakras (wheels of spiritual energy):

    1. Muladara - at the base of the spine. Physical security and well-being.

    2. Swadishtana - in the sex organs. Passion and desire.

    3. Manipura - at the naval point. Personal power; self-esteem.

    4. Anahata - in the heart. Compassion, love in the global sense.

    5. Vishudda - in the throat. Communication; self-expression.

    6. Ajna - in the third eye point between the two brows. Transcendental wisdom.

    7. Sahasrara - the thousand-pedalled Lotus at the top of the head. Oneness with bliss, God, nirvana, enlightenment.

    Five kinds of Prana (breath, spiritual energy):

    1. Prana - connected with the Anahata chakra - upward moving vitality - breath.

    2. Apana - connected with the Swadishtana chakra - downward moving vitality - process of elimination.

    3. Dsana - connected with the Vishudda chakra - vitality of glandular secretion.

    4. Samana - connected with the Manipura chakra - vitality of digestion.

    5. Vyana - connected with the Aura chakra - balance.

    * * *

    The Five Akoshas and the Three Bodies.

    The soul creates three bodies in order to create karma. They contain the Five Akoshas, or sheathes.

    1. The Physical Body

    1. Contains the Anamaya Kosha - the Food Sheathe.

    2. The Astral Body

    2. Contains the Pranamaya Kosha - the Vitality Sheathe. 3. And the Manomaya Kosha - the Intellect Sheathe. 4. And the Vjnanamay Kosha - the sheathe of the Subconscious.

    3. The Causal Body

    5. Contains the Anandamaya Kosha - the Sheathe of Bliss.

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